DMIT Applications & Benefits




  • Helps child to develop their advantageous fields.
  • Reinforces child’s weak fields and provide a suitable learning method.
  • Enables children to learn effectively.


  • Helps to choose a suitable learning style and method
  • Helps to choose a suitable course/area of development depending on one’s strengths.


  • Helps us to fully understand our strong and weak fields.
  • Helps us to know our most suitable learning style and to position ourselves in the most suitable field of work/study.


  • Helps us to manage human resources and customer management more effectively.
  • Helps us to reduce operating cost and increase corporate value.


Benefits of Dermatoglyphics

  • Comprehensive : Accurately understand one’s multiple intelligences, strengths and weaknesses, and the most effective learning style.
  • Objectivity : Unbiased towards cultural background, results are not affected by environment, health, emotional factors
  • Stability : Reliable genetic information as fingerprints never change and need only be done once in a lifetime.
  • No age limit : Age range from 1 ~ 100
  • Simple : Simple, convenient, no adverse effects, not comprising of any questions whatsoever
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