Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dermatoglyphics?
Dermatoglyphics is the study of fingerprint and hand patterns. These patterns are unique for every individual and are connected with one’s genetic composition. These are directly related to our nervous system. There is synchronization in the formation of striae (fingerprint) and brain lobes during 13th to 24th week in fetus in mother’s womb. Fingerprints are used to determine innate qualities of a child or an adult. This helps us taking action on our strengths and our areas of improvement The results of the test are very accurate.

What is the relationship between fingerprints and brain?
Our Fingerprints are considered as outer replica of our Brain Neocortex. Embryology Science confirms that during 13th week to 24th week of pregnancy, our fingerprints and Brain Neocortex are simultaneously developed. Five lobes of Brain Neocortex are represented by our 5 fingers on left and right side of the brain. Respective Lobes have intrinsic characteristics and functions and we can easily ascertain them through fingerprint patterns & ridge count.

How Authentic is DMIT/DMIA?
DMIT/DMIA is a combined study of Dermatoglyphics Science and Multiple Intelligence Theory. Dermatoglyphics itself is an amalgamation of Genetic Science, Embryology Science and anthropology and is been researched for more than 200 years now. There are several articles & medical journals have been published by many Universities & researchers & are available for reference. Multiple Intelligence Theory has made a paradigm shift in Education system. As such, the results of DMIT/DMIA are very accurate.

How DMIT/DMIA is different from IQ test?
10 test exhibits only very limited ability of an individual and moreover it is a paper pencil conventional psychometric test 10 test only deals with Logical Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence and hence covers Limited aspects of Individual. DMIT/DMIA gives 360 Degree evolution of an individual which includes Personality Type, Learning sensitivity, 4 Quotient 1Q/EQ/AQ/C9_, 8 Multiple Intelligences and their sub intelligences, Learning Style like Auditory / Kinesthetic /Visual, Right / Left Brain Dominance, Leadership style, Management style and Subject Selection etc. therefore DMIT/DMIA is very Scientific Assessment Tool which can guide us for Life Time.


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